The Build

Which pins connect:

  • Connect GND from board to G on OLED
  • Connect USB from board to +(positive) on OLED
  • Connect pin12 from board to SO on OLED
  • Connect pin15 from board to OC on OLED
  • Connect SCL from board to R on OLED
  • Connect SDA from board to DC on OLED
  • Connect pin14 from board to CL on OLED
  • connect pin13 from board to SIon OLED

Project Changes

I decided to make a few changes to my project. Instead of using neopixels,

I’m going to be using an OLED breakout board – 16-bit color 1.27″ with microSD holder.

I decided I wanted to use something that I could display more detailed animations with.




For my project I want to make a NeoPixel phone case that I can control from my phone or just from code that I program to run when there’s power going to the NeoPixels. The plan is to write some code for some cool animations to display on the board. I’m gonna use a 32 RGB LED NeoPixel shield.